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tags: Different Is Different Records, Various, Artists, Hypernormal, Realness

Hypernormal Realness

ARTIST(S): Various Artists
GENRE: Techno, Acid Techno, Detroit Techno
LABEL: Different Is Different Records
RELEASE DATE: Jun, 07 2017

Available as lossless FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) using industry standard LAME encoder @ 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.

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A new compilation showcasing tracks from Different Is Different's back-catalogue. Selected by label-head Greencross.
Who's on this release:

Errol Dix
Eddie Hale
Theodore Elektrk
Javi Lago
Fran Navaez
Fredrik Astevall
Paula Cazenave
Primitive Spirit
Ken Ishii
Elemental X
Abi Bah
Boriqua Tribez
Gayle San
Matt Mus
Nick Hansen
DJ Shiva

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Soundcloud (track - Effortless (Victor Ruiz vs. Alex Stein Remix))
Soundcloud (track - Primary)
Soundcloud (track - Fancy (Technolatino Swing))
Soundcloud (track - Classic Raw)
Soundcloud (track - Synth, Drums, Rock N' Roll)
Soundcloud (track - Posers)
Soundcloud (track - A Certain Death)
Soundcloud (track - Standard Struggle)
Soundcloud (track - Twitched (Gayle San Remix))
Soundcloud (track - Crank)
Soundcloud (track - Chicago 98)
Soundcloud (track - Loze Belofte (Jssst Remix))
Soundcloud (track - Sickness)
Soundcloud (track - Vaultcodes)
Soundcloud (track - Mirage (Miss Electric & Greencross 'Bassline' Mix))
Soundcloud (track - Losse Groeven)
Soundcloud (track - Lucid Dream)
Soundcloud (track - Heart Goes Where It Goes)
Soundcloud (track - Pride Before)
Soundcloud (track - Atmos)
Soundcloud (track - The Nurse)
YouTube (track - Twitched (Primitive Spirit Remix))
YouTube (track - Mirage (Matt Mus Remix))
YouTube (track - Primary)
YouTube (track - Fancy (Technolatino Swing))
YouTube (track - Classic Raw)
YouTube (track - Synth, Drums, Rock N' Roll)
YouTube (track - A Certain Death)
YouTube (track - Standard Struggle)
YouTube (track - Twitched (Gayle San Remix))
YouTube (track - Crank)
YouTube (track - Chicago 98)
YouTube (track - Loze Belofte (Jssst Remix))
YouTube (track - Sickness)
YouTube (track - Mirage (Miss Electric & Greencross 'Bassline' Mix))
YouTube (track - Losse Groeven)
YouTube (track - The Nurse)