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Beyond Evident

ARTIST(S): Various Artists
GENRE: Techno
LABEL: Different Is Different Records
RELEASE DATE: Oct, 10 2016

Available as lossless FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) using industry standard LAME encoder @ 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.

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The owl is wise because it can see what others can't.

Beyond Evident represents a collection of techno tracks holding a special significance. Hopefully you will find it.
Who's on this release:

Mike Wall
Michel Lauriola
Owen Sands
Folker Zwart
Various Artists
Angel Alanis
Re Dupre
Sascha Zastiral
Daniel Mehes
Leo Fernandez
Miss Electric
Steve Lorenz
Possibly Infected
Kid Mistik

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YouTube (release)
Soundcloud (track - Mad Monkey (Kid Mistik 'Extinct' Remix))
Soundcloud (track - Desperate Hopes (Virulent Dub))
Soundcloud (track - Perron Nul (Mike Wall 'Extinct' Remix))
Soundcloud (track - Spiral)
Soundcloud (track - Ghostly Light)
Soundcloud (track - Be The Change)
Soundcloud (track - Propaganda)
Soundcloud (track - Direction (Owen Sands Remix))
Soundcloud (track - The Children Of The Python (Angel's 'Snake Jack' Rebuild))
Soundcloud (track - Convergent Waves (2015 Edit))
Soundcloud (track - Invisibility)
Soundcloud (track - Introvert)
Soundcloud (track - Tegmeni)
Soundcloud (track - U)
Soundcloud (track - Blastwave)
Soundcloud (track - Nubeluz (Version 2))
YouTube (track - Mad Monkey (Kid Mistik 'Extinct' Remix))
YouTube (track - Desperate Hopes (Virulent Dub))
YouTube (track - Perron Nul (Mike Wall 'Extinct' Remix))
YouTube (track - Spiral)
YouTube (track - Ghostly Light)
YouTube (track - Be The Change)
YouTube (track - Propaganda)
YouTube (track - Direction (Owen Sands Remix))
YouTube (track - The Children Of The Python (Angel's 'Snake Jack' Rebuild))
YouTube (track - Convergent Waves (2015 Edit))
YouTube (track - Invisibility)
YouTube (track - Introvert)
YouTube (track - Tegmeni)
YouTube (track - U)
YouTube (track - Blastwave)
YouTube (track - Nubeluz (Version 2))