Greencross' second installment on the label founded by himself, is another single called Dimensional. The original 'One Dimension Mix' is a deep groover, with fluffy pads and lush stabs. As always, Greencross delivers a bass heavy, dance floor friendly laid back track, that builds up into tension that leads to a roomy and sleek breakdown. Excellent for early morning vibes. Adam Jay gave us the privilege to release his deeper and even more melancholic 'Four Dimension Mix'. An absolute honor for the artist and our label. For this special time, Adam stepped out of his confort zone and exploited a sound that is unique, and almost rare in hoos productions, reaching down to your most basic emotions. A third version comes from our usual suspect, Drumcomplex, with his 'Two Dimensions Mix'. This is the pumping peak time banger you always expect from us. A techno banger full of Drumcomplex's bass-heavy nastyness. Last but not least, 2013's techno golden boy Abi Bah, manifested his 'Three Dimensions Mix' in order to toss us back into our familiar dimension, on a remix made by twisting, turning, ripping, cutting, and taping only the original samples, reconstructing the whole track into a totally new monster. As always, let me know if you chart, play or write about our music to Follow us on twitter: @didrec ---- FEEDBACK: ARGENTINA DJ FEEDBACK Franco Cinelli / Esperanza RATING: FEEDBACK: I like it the Adam Jay remix, thanks. Jorge Savoretti / Esperanza RATING: FEEDBACK: nice deep techno trax! AUSTRALIA PRESS Andrew Till / Machine DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-19 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: deep groovy's the Adam Jay Mix for me. DJ FEEDBACK Craig McWhinney / Haul Music RATING: Not for me Jamie Stevens / (Bedrock/Chameleon Recordings) RATING: FEEDBACK: One Dimension Mix is rocking. Loving this vibe. Drumcomplex also pushes my buttons DJ Hi-Shock / Advanced Human / Elektrax / Gynoid Audio RATING: Not for me Updated AUSTRIA PRESS Partysan Austria DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-16 RATING: FEEDBACK: 4 dimension mix sounds great DJ FEEDBACK DJ Felipe (Flex Vienna) RATING: FEEDBACK: Great EP! BELGIUM PRESS Jens Holmes / Nightcode, DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-11 RATING: FEEDBACK: Excellent...four dimensions remix is the shit....airplay and playlist Tomaz / DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-09 RATING: Not for me Updated BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA PRESS Osciliator Radio Show DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-26 FEEDBACK: One Dimension Mix works for me. CANADA PRESS Diversions on chry105.5fm DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-07 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: Adam Jay Four Dimensions Mix for me! COLOMBIA PRESS Douglas Fugazi / Medellinstyle DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-03 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: Deep vibes all over it!! Ful support! CROATIA PRESS Sergej Snooze / DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-27 RATING: FEEDBACK: One and Two remixes are my pick. Really interesting vibe, should be a storm on the dance floor DENMARK PRESS kredepedersen / DR DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-06-04 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: Track 1 and 2 sounds interesting DJ FEEDBACK Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) RATING: FEEDBACK: Adam Jay Four remix is cool! CTRLS / Token Recordings RATING: Not for me Updated FRANCE PRESS Benoît Carretier / Tsugi DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-11 RATING: FEEDBACK: coool mixes tx Laurent N. / Atavisme, House Nation Radio DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-24 RATING: FEEDBACK: Great package : all remixes are good for me. Will play & Full Support. DJ FEEDBACK RADIO CAMPUS BESANCON / THE VINYL GUERILLA RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: good! Technasia / Technasia RATING: Madben / Astropolis Records, Missile 2.0, Electronical Reeds... Updated FEEDBACK: Awesome release! GERMANY PRESS M.Path.IQ / Multi Cult DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-11 RATING: FEEDBACK: solid !!! Frank Hilpert / Freshguide (5x Regional A5 Mag) DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-03 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: functional to to bone. yes. Tim Schäfer / [030] Magazin; Musikgalore; Doktor Spree DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-06-01 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: nice WOMR College Radio / BLN.FM / BLN.FM DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-25 RATING: FEEDBACK: For radio play, thanks. Matthias Springer / Plasmic Shape / Raveline, Diametral, Electrosound Tv, Tonreport DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-06-21 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: thx will spin! Martin Böttcher /, Deutschland Radio, Tagesspiegel DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-20 RATING: FEEDBACK: good Markus Kavka / MTV Europe DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-27 RATING: Not for me Patrick Selzer / Raveline DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-09 Updated FEEDBACK: One Dimension Mix for me. Roko ( DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-27 RATING: FEEDBACK: Adam Jay mix for me!! DJ Mag / DJ Mag Charts, DJ Mag Germany DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-18 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: drumcomplex remix for me! Rico Henschel Techno Keeps Us Young DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-13 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: All mixes are great! Will try! Thanks! Toe / DJ Mag Germany DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-21 RATING: FEEDBACK: nice cord sound Florian Breidenbach / // Dies und Das DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-26 RATING: FEEDBACK: Good track and nice choice of Remixes! DJ FEEDBACK Answer Code Request / Ostgut RATING: FEEDBACK: Thanks! Patrick Zigon RATING: FEEDBACK: nice techy & chordy stuff! Noah Pred / Thoughtless Music RATING: FEEDBACK: Nice mixes from Abi and Adam - thanks! Jonny Cruz / No. 19, My Favorite Robot, Toys for Boys, Vakant, Geno RATING: FEEDBACK: great release!!!! love it Seidensticker & Salour / Wareika, Perlon, Liebe Detail RATING: FEEDBACK: nice dubby tracks! thanks! LIMO / Transition Lab - Fachwerk - We Are RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: The "Adam Jay Four Dimensions Mix" is my favourite, Thanks Niko Krist RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: nice pack ... HONDURAS DJ FEEDBACK Xpansul / Ovum Recordings RATING: FEEDBACK: Drumcomplex and Abi Bah mixes for me. Thanks! IRELAND DJ FEEDBACK Jonathan Woods RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: drumcomplex mix ITALY PRESS Gabriele Gilleri / DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-04 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: supported 6 noticed by DJ FEEDBACK Mik Santoro / Afrosoup RATING: FEEDBACK: great music here, play for sure! One Dimension mix and Drumcomplex mixes are great! NETHERLANDS PRESS Alfred Bos / DJ Broadcast DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-12 RATING: FEEDBACK: Nice! Minor quip, sometimes two dimensenons (1+4) are better dan four (the rest). DJ FEEDBACK Daniel Mumbling Sanchez RATING: FEEDBACK: thanx, the adma jay remix is great! DJ Jerome (Outland Records) FEEDBACK: very cool ep Vince Watson / Bio Music FEEDBACK: Nice EP this...4 solid tracks Kevin Arnemann / Misc FEEDBACK: Cool deep remix from Adam Jay ROMANIA PRESS Hipodrome / Hipodrome DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-24 RATING: FEEDBACK: Drumcomplex Two Dimensions Mix for me SPAIN PRESS Scanmode / DJ Mag Spain DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-22 RATING: FEEDBACK: wow! amazing techno stuff! DJ Javimar / DJ Mag Spain DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-14 RATING: FEEDBACK: really good, all mixtures have depth, engaged. Angel Santos / DJ Mag Spain DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-23 RATING: FEEDBACK: Nice! Thanks. Rob Warner / ibiza voice DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-11 RATING: FEEDBACK: Wicked spacey grooves. Ximo Noguera / DensoMag, Viasound gr RESULT TYPE:Review DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-02 RATING: Confirmed DJ FEEDBACK Andrew Grant (Circo Loco) RATING: Updated Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) FEEDBACK: Adam Jay mix for me,thanks! Pig & Dan (Cocoon) RATING: FEEDBACK: great pack theyre all solid mixes THE LEFT HAND PATH / HELL RATING: Alex Tolstey / Boshke Beats Records FEEDBACK: Adam Jay Remix is doing it here!!! All support! SWEDEN PRESS Calin / Tunnel FM / Tunnel Fm DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-25 RATING: FEEDBACK: One Dimension Mix is really sick, will support on Tunnel FM! Thank you :) DJ FEEDBACK Joell Mull (Truesoul, Drumcode, H-Production) RATING: FEEDBACK: Abi Bah Three Dimension mix Funky and forward leaning technofunk. Love it!! Adam Beyer / Truesoul, Mad Eye, Drumcode RATING: FEEDBACK: amazing release! perfectly executed in every way. UNITED KINGDOM PRESS Paul Corey / Resident Advisor, Ibiza Voice, Machines Are Funky DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-04-12 RATING: FEEDBACK: Like them all. Particularly the toothier 'three dimensions mix' Grant Paterson / Edinburgh Evening News 'The Guide' DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-06-18 RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: solid release. Extra Music New DESCRIPTION: Feedback DATE: 2013-05-02 FEEDBACK: On promo Chart DJ FEEDBACK Slam / Soma Records FEEDBACK: cool label - will spin thanx Luke Slater RATING: FEEDBACK: thanks for the music Arnaud Le Texier / Safari Electronique RATING: FEEDBACK: Adam Jay mix for me! Alan Fitzpatrick RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: bomb drum complex mix Matt Cooper / Respect Records RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: Feeling the Drumcomplex remix :) Roberto (Artform, Outland, Affin) Updated FEEDBACK: Adam Jay mix for me Werner Niedermeier / Broque RATING: FEEDBACK: Adam Jay mix for me! Chris Stanford / EarToGround RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: Drumcomplex mix for me Graeme Nisbet / Fnoob Techno Radio RATING: Updated FEEDBACK: Abi Bah Three dimensions remix is the boss :) UNITED STATES DJ FEEDBACK Vidal / Droid Recordings RATING: FEEDBACK: abi and drumcomplex mixes could work Black Nation Records / kenneth RATING: FEEDBACK: Abi Bah mix



Different Is Different Records
GENRE: Techno ,
RELEASED: 2013-08-26
Available as lossless FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) using industry standard LAME encoder @ 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.
For press releated inquiries contact the label owner: Daniel Gavilan, Different Is Different Records -