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ARTIST(S): Various Artists
GENRE: Techno
LABEL: Different Is Different Records
RELEASE DATE: Feb, 13 2017

Available as lossless FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) using industry standard LAME encoder @ 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.

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The third episode of our 'Intention' series is Rawness. As being in a natural condition; not processed or refined: raw techno.

This compilation includes twenty one tracks, selected by our A&R, Greencross.
Who's on this release:

Johannes Heil
Sirius Brown
Sam Insecton
Stanny Franssen
Red Square
Elias the Prophet
Possibly Infected
Eddie Hale
Sascha Zastiral
Oliver Kucera
Positive Merge
Gayle San
Miss Electric
The Machinists
Fran Navaez
Josh Love
Tom Hades
Various Artists
Boriqua Tribez
Sandro Galli

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Media Links for this Release:
YouTube (release)
Soundcloud (track - Hyperspace (Stanny Franssen's GF Approach))
Soundcloud (track - Mirage (Oliver Kucera 706 Mix))
Soundcloud (track - Condor)
Soundcloud (track - The Children Of The Python (Johannes Heil's Tiger Python Remix))
Soundcloud (track - Juggler)
Soundcloud (track - Analytic Solution)
Soundcloud (track - Splash (Tom Hades Remix))
Soundcloud (track - Different Pastures)
Soundcloud (track - Curve Against Direct)
Soundcloud (track - Extinction)
Soundcloud (track - Massive Blast)
Soundcloud (track - The Beast)
Soundcloud (track - Point Of No Return (Sandro Galli Remix))
Soundcloud (track - You Have What You Give)
Soundcloud (track - Jackblackets)
Soundcloud (track - Mesh)
Soundcloud (track - Modularz)
Soundcloud (track - Racer Bulldog (Virulent Remake))
Soundcloud (track - Thylacine)
Soundcloud (track - Dragonfly)
Soundcloud (track - The Children Of The Python (Leg Before Wicket Remix))
YouTube (track - Mirage (Oliver Kucera 706 Mix))
YouTube (track - Condor)
YouTube (track - Juggler)
YouTube (track - Analytic Solution)
YouTube (track - Splash (Tom Hades Remix))
YouTube (track - Different Pastures)
YouTube (track - Curve Against Direct)
YouTube (track - Extinction)
YouTube (track - Massive Blast)
YouTube (track - Point Of No Return (Sandro Galli Remix))
YouTube (track - You Have What You Give)
YouTube (track - Jackblackets)
YouTube (track - Mesh)
YouTube (track - Dragonfly)
YouTube (track - The Children Of The Python (Leg Before Wicket Remix))